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Nothing wrong with checking in, but when it gets past 2 times per day it can border on excessive and can actually be a turn off to a woman because she's not going to want to talk to the same guy all day long. That's a sign you need to broaden your social circle with friends. Constantly needing to talk about his problems- This is where it becomes clear that a woman is dealing with a needy man who has some unresolved issues with himself and that she can't get involved with someone who's got those kind of issues.

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If you find yourself sitting on the phone from a reasonable part of the day to really late at night or until way early the next day talking to a man and listening to his problems you're beginning to sound like his therapist and plus you have your own issues to worry about and don't need to take on someone else's problems as well. Acknowledges inappropriate behavior when someone has to talk to him about it -When a man admits to things like not cleaning up after himself and keeping his living arrangements at an acceptable standard and is openly admitting to that kind of behavior that's a sign a needy man is needing someone take care of him.

A man who has his act together will not fall short on things that he knows he needs to do for himself without a woman reminding or telling him these things. If you find yourself having to mention, discuss, suggest, and demand you are trying to change him. You can't change needy behavior in someone they have to go through trial and error to learn what is and is not appropriate behavior. Pushing to meet family and friends too fast -This is something that also becomes another red flag which is a sign that you're dealing with someone who's got a disconnection to his own family and needs to meet everyone around you.

He's got some attachment issues and that's a serious red flag because someone who's got attachment issues is someone who is going to be hard to get rid of. He over-compensates himself -This is something women have to pay attention to because if you find that he's trying to emulate himself more especially someone who's got low-self esteem you're dealing with someone who's extremely needy and will eventually become clingy. Don't waste your time with someone who overcompensates himself because you'll have to deal with someone who's not capable of being secure with himself and needs to push that know-it-all mentality on someone.

If you see this in someone run because it will do you no justice to try and waste time rationalizing this kind of nonsense move on to someone who's secure with himself and has a positive level of self-esteem and self-image. Immature and age-inappropriate behavior -Women are having to frustrate themselves to no end dealing with somene who's immature for their age and exhibiting age-inappropriate behavior.

If the man is NOT acting his age and acting like his shoe size it's time to make some choices on associating yourself with someone who's is acting his age and acts like a responsible adult. Hygiene and living habits also tell the level of maturity in someone and if a man admits to not being clean and orderly you're dealing with someone who's looking for someone to take care of him.

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You're not his mother. Not respecting a woman's right to space and time for other things -This is where men screw themselves up when they're constantly needing to hang out and don't have their own friends and it becomes invasive because she's having to entertain you until very late at night and not respecting her household's rising and settling hours. A woman does not always want to hang out with the same person day in and day out this can become bothersome after a while that's why some women decide its a wrap when she has to constantly deal with someone who's not respecting her need for space and to have her own life.

Overstaying on a visit -When it gets to the point where a man is wanting to visit with a woman longer and she's got things to do the next day and she's got to ask you to leave either on her account or when someone in her house has to ask her to ask the guy to leave.

Relationships: Top 10 Signs Of A Desperate Man

When it gets to that point you have a needy guy on your hands. Saying things that is more than what someone wants to hear -We all goof up and say more than we need to say, but when it comes to revealing about one's personal life some men will in fact say more than what they need to say.

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There is a time and place to reveal parts of your life, but when a woman is subjected to hearing details about your personal life that isnt really appropriate to be saying or telling people. If a woman finds herself involved with a guy like this she might want to start reconsidering things and deal with someone who is capable of doing things when the time and place is right and appropriate. Some personal details are best kept to yourself. These are things you need to pay attention to when you're dating a man because some of these traits are seen a lot in divorced and widowers when they're not ready to date again.

Men that had spouses who've passed away have not begun to resolve their grief and the feelings surrounding that and sometimes they begin to have connections to women who remind them of their past spouse.

This is not healthy because the attachment is not something that's considered healthy. When you find that a man is rushing back into dating after the death of a spouse or partner after about 2 years and has not resolved his grief through appropriate counseling and adequate time this can become a problem because you'll end up as a woman who he'll unload his stuff on. Women need to recognize when they have to differentiate between being a friend and being some man's therapist.

If you are also finding that you're listening to a lot of a man's problems you are selling yourself short. When you also find a man that's constantly talking about a past partner or spouse who's living or deceased it is a sign that he's not ready to date because someone will have gone through the process of grieving and also adjusting to being on their own for some time without dating. Someone can sound nice all day long, but when you find that a man is constantly talking about his issues and you're listening too much you begin to sound like his therapist and that can be detrimental.

A man who's desperate actually hurts his chances at dating because he makes himself prone to getting used and mistreated. Women today waste a lot of time dealing with men who are full of issues and other stuff going on and don't really realize that they're lowering their standards and taking away time from getting to know someone who's got their heads together and isn't on some nonsense that you shouldn't be wasting your time on. Relationships are great, but what would be nicer is if it's not full of needy and clingy behavior that's just downright inappropriate and creepy.

Women today really need to look at some of their own behavior that attracts these types of men and really look at whether you want to waste your time with someone who's only going to stress you out. Women want to feel special and loved and cared for, but when they are attracting needy and clingy men there's a problem because that's a reflection of how you feel about yourself.

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That's the key thing that women miss in dating is that sometimes you can also be way too friendly and needy and clingy men latch on to that and that can be detrimental to a man especially one who has unresolved emotional issues and baggage. You have to decide when enough is enough and make some serious changes in your life so you don't attract those types of men.

It's a hassle to have to deal with someone who can't have a life of his own and is always having to be around you and not allowing you to be on your own to do your own thing. Women also have to check some of their own issues as well because if you have traits within yourself that can also set you up to attract men who are clingy and needy and hard to get rid of. Nobody wants to deal with someone who's got unresolved emotional baggage and that's a strain in dating and it's best to cut your losses when you're dealing with someone who's got issues that he needs to work out on his own and you listening to his stuff doesnt help him either it only makes you someone he can get dependent on very quickly and that can cause a lot of unwarranted stress.

Clingy is not the way to go in dating and for a woman it's the root of her stress. Jan 13, 2. This list applies to women as well. I've met so many women with qualities listed above. Either way, it gets old, fast. Jan 13, 3. Jan 13, 4. This is too much info when you start over analyzing like this you are going to turn a guy away who could be right for you. Jan 13, 5. I dont have a problem with 4.

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Jan 13, 6. Bottom Line Just do what feels right If you feel something aint right then dont fuck with it Jan 13, 7. Makes you wanna say fuck a relationshit sometimes. Just get some peen and bounce. Jan 13, 8. Jan 13, 9. Dang, sometimes you all make everything so difficult for not only him but you also, If you want to be single stay that way.

Most of those things apply for those days you feel like crying and you care to much and wonder why he doesn't give a damn he might feel the same way you do. It seems like the only way to get someone is if you were born a robot. Jan 13, Just about this entire list sounds like me. Is it so wrong to want to love someone?

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