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Except for employment as a performer in a motion picture, it is unlawful for any person to employ any child under 14 years of age in any business or service during the hours in which the public schools of the school district in which the child resides are in session, unless the child has been excused from attendance by the school district or by order of the juvenile court for the purpose of employment. The superintendent of public instruction or other authorized inspector or school attendance officer shall make demand on an employer in or about whose place or establishment a child apparently under the age of 14 years is employed, or permitted or suffered to work, during the hours in which public schools of the school district are in session.

The employer shall either furnish him or her within 10 days satisfactory evidence that such child is in fact over 14 years of age or is permitted to work at such times by the school district or court order, or the employer shall cease to employ or permit or suffer such child to work. As used in NRS In a judicial district that has established a business court by court rule, the business court.

In a judicial district that has not established a business court by court rule, the district court.

The parent, custodian or guardian of a minor who is a party to a contract, if the parent, custodian or guardian is authorized to act on behalf of the minor. Has not been declared emancipated pursuant to NRS Resides in this state, or will be rendering services in this state pursuant to a contract. All sums required by law to be paid as taxes to any federal, state or local government with respect to or by reason of such earnings;. Reasonable sums to be expended for the support, care, education, training and professional management of the minor; and.

Reasonable fees and expenses to be paid in connection with the contract and its performance. An interested party may petition the court for approval of a contract by filing a written petition for approval of the contract in the court of the county in which:.

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The petition must be verified by the petitioner and must contain the following items:. If a new petition is filed following the denial of a previous petition pursuant to paragraph c of subsection 2 of NRS Upon receipt of a petition, the court may schedule a hearing to determine whether the petition should be granted. In determining whether to grant a petition, the court shall consider whether the terms, conditions and covenants of the contract are:. After considering the petition, the court shall issue an order:.

What Is The Legal Age Of Consent In Nevada?

If the parties modify the terms of the contract in the manner set forth in the order, the petition shall be deemed granted on the date that the contract, as modified, is executed by the parties. If the court issues an order denying the petition, an interested party may file a new petition for approval of the contract if the parties modify the terms of the contract.

If the court issues an order granting a petition, the court shall immediately issue an order appointing a special guardian to receive and hold the specified amount or percentage of the net earnings of the minor to be set aside for the benefit of the minor pursuant to NRS The petitioner or a parent, custodian or guardian of the minor is not ineligible to be appointed as a special guardian pursuant to this section solely because of the interest of the petitioner, parent, custodian or guardian, as applicable, so long as that interest is fully disclosed to the court.

A disclosure pursuant to this subsection must include, without limitation, whether the person has an interest:. The appointment of a special guardian pursuant to this section expires on the earliest of the following dates:. Learn about consent in your state.

Do you suspect that a child or elderly person is being sexually abused? Even if the crime took place years ago, there may still be time to prosecute.

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Find out if your state blocks rapists from asserting parental rights, such as custody and visitation, over children conceived as a result of their crime. Are you thinking of getting help but worried about confidentiality?

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Find out how your state protects conversations between victims and sexual assault service providers. The information is not presented as a source of legal advice. Go back to our page on Nevada sex crimes. To learn about statutory sexual seduction laws in California, please visit the page on California statutory rape laws. Can I meet with the D. Our attorneys want to hear your side of the story.

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Click Office Locations to find out which office is right for you. Nevada Crimes A to Z. Nevada Family Law Few legal matters have the potential to alter an individual's life more than a legal dispute between family members. Nevada Family Laws A to Z.

Nevada Age of Consent & Statutory Rape Laws

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