Dating a man who earns less than you

The likelihood of these men cheating though decreased when the contributed more. This suggests that the more they contributed financially, the more their precious male egos were massaged, preventing them from finding a bit of extra-curricular 'bolstering' on the side.

Short-Term Goals

For me though, things couldn't have been further from the truth. Unless that time my boyfriend said he was visiting his mum was actually code for 'I've been balls deep in an Eastern European prostitute while off my tits on cocaine,' boy am I going to look stupid if that's the case he's never cheated on me and actually, the years of him earning less than me has improved our relationship for the better. Having more time on his hands he was happy to cook and clean and help out in ways that he could and, on the other side, accept drinks and meals that were purchased with my money.

There's not one person who takes the traditional 'male' or 'female' role and no one's overly reliant on the other for emotional or financial stability.

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In fact, everything's pretty much the way it should be. Because really, if you've got a guy that's going to be wounded by his inability to earn as much as his girlfriend in the current economic climate then he's really not worth your time.

Long-Term Goals

AI founder Violet Lim, it shouldn't be. We all have our set of dating criteria and preferences.

Should successful women date men with far less going for themselves?

Women, on the other hand, generally look for someone who is confident, carry themselves well, and is financially stable. But in my humble opinion, women should be open to date men who earn less than them.

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Before you decide that you only want to date a man who earns more than you, ask yourself why. Earning big bucks can definitely be a shared objective and common goal if money is extremely important to you. However, I think that to disqualify someone because he does not earn more than you is not the best dating criteria. I always ask my singles to do this exercise — write down 8 things you want from your future partner, and pick just 3 things you NEED from him.

I always encourage women to keep an open mind about the men they meet.

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I know many women who will completely shoot men down after one date, simply because they did not find the man attractive, or that he does not earn a certain amount of money. Sometimes, getting to know a man further even just as friends can surprise you with how compatible you both are, and how much you both have in common.

Just because your boyfriend earns less than you does not mean that he might not face economic difficulty or job redundancy in the future. Similarly, just because your boyfriend earns less than you right now does not mean that he does not have the potential to earn more in future.

The High-Income Woman’s Guide to Dating a Man Who Makes Less

Just as track record is important, potential is equally important! And women, no matter if they are 25, 30 or 35 are similarly looking for someone with high calibre and high income, which will lead to an increase in demand. Hence, if a man with high income does not choose you back, it is not because there is anything wrong with you or you are insufficient in any way; it is simply because he has many more choices.

It’s really not that much of a big deal

It takes a lot of trust, patience, understanding, respect, and compromise to make any relationship work. The problem is, a lot of us are conditioned by society and the media to choose based on the wrong criteria, like "she must look like a model" or "he must earn more than me".

However, think about it: