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Use these tips to help reduce the anxiety and prevent unexpected expense. In Alberta, you have options when buying electricity and natural gas.

Utility Hook up Costs for New Home Construction - New Home Building Education

If you need to open a new account, a company offering the regulated rate option RRO can set up an account for you immediately, or even backdate if required. A competitive company can take from days to set up services in your name. Try to call the utility company at least two weeks before you take possession of your home. New customers will need to provide their full name and contact information phone number and email , service address, and desired service start date.

If you want to switch to a competitive provider at a future date, you can do this after service is set up with the regulated rate provider. You can choose either a regulated or competitive retailer. Each company will need different types of information to set up service.

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Most competitive companies will also need a credit check before setting up service. If the company cannot set up service before you take possession or move into your home, set up regulated services until your contract becomes active. You can cancel your regulated service without penalty as soon as your contract is in effect. The retailer or distributor may request a deposit or connection fees to set up your utilities.

When setting up services, ask if you need to pay these fees before service is delivered or if they will be charged on your first statement. Be sure to ask your retailer if it is possible to avoid these fees. Some companies will waive deposits for customers on automatic monthly withdrawal. Once you have settled into your home, you may transfer from the regulated rate option provider to the competitive retailer. Use our Cost Comparison Tool to compare plans and rates to find what company works best for you.

Before you decide on a new retailer, ask your current retailer about any cancellation fees for ending your contract early.

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The type of meter at a property determines the rates charged by your retailer. A private home can have a Residential or Commercial meter. The distribution company can install a commercial meter on residential property if the property owners have a home-based business and require a reliable supply of energy at all times.


Charges and Fees

If you have a commercial meter on your property, your utility bill is going to be higher because of higher distribution charges. There are no regulations in place requiring the retailer to confirm what the property is being used for when the billing customer changes. It is your responsibility to ask your retailer about the type of meter installed on your property and ask that it be changed. In most apartments, utilities such as water, heat, and garbage collection are part of the rental cost. Electricity is usually the responsibility of renters.

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Confirm with your landlord or apartment management company what utility services are included with your rent. Keep in mind some landlords require proof that you have set up your utilities before they let you move in. If you get your utilities through a competitive retailer, please contact them about a move notice.

Where do you need your energy?

Some retailers require up to a day notice. For a current list of retailers you may choose from, visit ucahelps. Some offers, in whole or in part, may not be available in gas co-ops, municipally owned utilities, and some Rural Electrification Associations. Skip to main content. Your browser appears to be out of date.

Charges and Fees

Please update your browser to fully experience our website. Time of Use vs. Power Education Water Education. Customer Service Manage your account online: Log in Phone in Alberta only: Hours of Operation Monday to Friday 8 a. British Columbia French Creek. The Information on this Page Applies to: Rates and Fees You may have heard about changes coming your way.