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The worldrsquos a parent series game and American Buffy Inside Tim Minear explained how sexy they are performed. Dismantling both relationships in favor of something that was never going to work felt wrong. Not to mention that by that point, Willow and Xander seemed more like siblings than anything else. Angel was a tough act to follow. Riley went on to become one of the most despised major characters in the entire Buffyverse.

First of all, there was zero chemistry between Blucas and Gellar. Any time these two were in danger of breaking up, no one cared. Buffy never truly let Riley in and neither did the fans. He blamed his poor life choices on her and then left town.

This is a possible pairing that was never really given a chance to develop. It is true that all these two really shared by the end of the series was nothing more than a one-night stand. Robin proved after his night with Faith that he was capable of challenging her, which was something that few people did. Well, this started out like a fairytale romance. Once upon a time, in another dimension, a kingdom needed saving.

All The Major Buffyverse Romances, Ranked Worst To Best

The tale comes replete with arch villains, oppressed citizens, and most importantly, a love story. He surprised her by following her back home and for a few episodes, they were happy. That is, until Cordelia started treating him like dirt, in favor of Angel. Also, Cordy never really loved Groo anyway. She probably just got swept up in the magic of the fairytale. Jenny Mollen and David Boreanaz may not have had off the charts chemistry or anything, but they worked well enough together.

As far as we know, this was nothing more than a fling. Perfect happiness is most certainly not something you find with every partner!

This was a huge development for his character. It might actually beat out Spike and Harmony for the unhealthiest.

So why was it so much fun to watch this unfold? Plus, for some reason Alexis Denisoff and Stephanie Romanov were really great together. Their relationship may have been filled with deceit, but their feelings for each other were real. In many ways, Lilah was a lifeline for Wesley when he had lost everything. Sure, she was there for her own selfish reasons, but in the end, he broke her heart. Who even knew that she had one? While Carpenter and Boreanaz had plenty of chemistry before their conveniently discovered feelings for one another, putting them together just felt awkward.

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The introduction of Nina proved that viewers could embrace the idea of Angel being with someone other than Buffy — if it was the right person. The only reason that Angel and Cordy rank above them is the wonderful relationship that they shared prior to the writers deciding that they were better off as a couple. Seriously, what an awesome idea it was to put Gwen and Gunn together!

Gwen was a really cool character who was only given a handful of episodes to shine. August Richards and Alexa Davalos had major chemistry. Obviously those two were never going to be a thing, on account of Angel's feelings for Cordy. Gwen saw potential in Gunn that not everyone in his life did. Gwen may have betrayed him for L. Although at first it appeared that a broom closet was as far as their romance would go, the undeniable chemistry between Nicholas Brendan and Charisma Carpenter is no doubt what led to a real relationship between these two characters.

Buffy the vampire slayer cast dating

They were an unlikely pair to be sure, which is a large part of what made them work so well together. Of course, Xander and Cordelia were never in it for the long haul, but they deserved better than having their relationship destroyed by his brief tryst with Willow.

Angelus and Darla may have been a couple of soulless monsters, but they were also kind of amazing together. He was the perfect partner for her in every way and his viciousness was more than a match for her own. Darla may have tossed Angel out after he got his soul back, but she never actually stopped loving him. She also never gave up hope that he would one day return to the fold.

When Darla was given a second chance at life, Angel did everything he could to help her. It also added so much depth, not only to her character, but also to their entire relationship. The bond between them, whether as friends or enemies, made for some of the best stories of the series. This was, no doubt, because Julie Benz was amazing in the role, but also because of how much fun it was to see Angelus and Darla together.

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Well, these two were just adorable. We all thought that Fred would go for Wesley, but Angel tricked us there. Although it was soul crushing to witness her rejection of Wes, there was enough chemistry between Amy Acker and J. August Richards to make fans change their minds about whom Fred should wind up with.

They were actually happy for a bit. Gunn tried really hard. He bent as far as he could and then he just broke. Gunn committed a murder for Fred, which is what they blamed the breakup on. It was the growing attraction between Fred and Wes. Gunn was overtaken by jealousy, but honestly, the guy did have something to be jealous about.