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This should be a good opportunity to learn the basics of Hunt.

Starting from Rank 3, matches are much more likely to include other enemy Hunters. We would like to remind players facing the "White. Some of you seem to be disillusioned about this game and its intentions. While I'm sure with chance being a thing, some time somewhere down the road, they might get that experience; however, that is very few and far between. Most casual gamers and I mean casuals not elitests playing casually, have mostly left by now.


This game is good for its audience, and its bad for those who don't want to play it that way. At any rate, without rambling on - this game reached a small community because that community is small. If this comment section isn't indicative of why this game is going to remain dead, I don't know what is. Boring, unstable game with an absolutely garbage community. Now go ahead and flame me too, you hardcore gamers.

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Sandman 29 nov, At the time of writing the review it has almost 3k players online, yet I still waited for almost 15 mins to find a match before giving up and quiting. The dev's really need to fix this match making problem or they will watch their population slowly fade away and with such a fantastic and unique game that would be very sad.

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Patch 0.2.7 - Bugs squashing and matchmaking improvements

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