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The fact that page owners are forced to attach links to their social profiles could cause some users worry.

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And, given the recent alarming Tindstagramming trend—when Tinder users receive Instagram DMs from people they swiped left on—it's easy to see why anyone would be hesitant about linking social media accounts to any form of dating account. Guo says that the owner of the page chooses which preferred contact information they wish to exchange, and they can also choose how much information is put out there.

But, these measures might not be enough to allay some daters' concerns. Get Safe Online GSO —a resource that provides advice on protecting yourself from online abuse and fraud—strongly advises against sharing any contact information in your profile or "initial communications" with a match.

The Best Places to Take a Resume to Get It Up to Date & Professional

It is impossible to get back information once you have given it away," GSO advises. Emily Jones—who works in business development at Boom Supersonic—has been using Apply To Date for the past few weeks and hasn't encountered any issues.

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  • Jones says she's been on a few dates from Apply To Date, but most of them have been "networking type dates," and not "romantic formal dates. We're using cookies to improve your experience. Click Here to find out more. Culture Like Follow Follow.

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    But be selective — this resume template nods to public speaking and event planning, and not punctuality or attitude, for a reason. Be specific, and provide relevant statistics wherever you can.

    Revenue wins, client growth, and budget savings are easy to quantify — and are resume gold. Look to your skills section and think about how to validate that section. Are you the go-to resource for new hires, or for customer queries?

    What Your Resume Should Look Like In | Money

    Do you specialize in increasing efficiencies, or decreasing defects? Be discerning in your descriptions, too. The exact date you started and finished your previous job, or the year you graduated from college, is probably irrelevant.

    Employment agencies are a great place to learn about jobs that are not advertised to the public, but they can also provide assistance with your resume and job hunting techniques. For instance, many interview job candidates and ask questions that will help you formulate a better resume. In addition, staffing agency employees can help you adjust your resume to suit a specific position, as they are knowledgeable about the keywords and skills employers seek.

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    If you have recently been fired or laid off, or if you have been out of work for an extended period of time, your state unemployment office can provide a number of services to help you find a job. These include resume writing workshops and one-on-one assistance to update and polish your current resume. Contact your state's unemployment office or workforce commission to find out what services are available.

    For a fee, professional resume writers will get your resume up to date and work to make it shine.